Surfing Okisollo

Here is a quick edit of our first time at Quadra Island's Okisollo Tidal Rapid. We were up for 3 days, and spent 1 day at Surge Narrows and the rest at Okisollo.  It was a great time exploring new places, coming up with new ideas for classes and surfing techniques, not to mention hanging out with good friends.

Canoe Sailing Howe Sound

I spent the weekend visiting friends in Howe Sound, British Columbia, an area known for its world class rock climbing and wind sports. As I do not take well to hanging off of cliffs, I opted for the latter. I brought my canoe and practiced sailing on Howe Sound.  Winds blow onshore,  up-channel and pick up in the afternoon. Sunday they averaged about 15 kts, and I launched early enough that I made good headway to a point where I could have a fun sail home. I tried out a new GOPRO mount to clamp onto the gunnel of the canoe- first impressions are that it worked well and was super easy to adjust. It was a 10.5 nm round trip journey, but only half was paddling, and the sailing home was much, much quicker than paddling out.